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Brooks, Cook & Associates

Brooks, Cook & Associates, LLC, is a Certified Public Accountants firm. They describe their organization as “energetic and aggressive”. Dating back to the mid-1970’s, they have created a client base that represents nearly all components of the business world. Being so diverse in their clients, they have expertise in many different fields. Brooks, Cook & Associates have continued to grow as a result of their dedication to providing high quality service to all of their clients. Their management and leadership are designed to create a tradition of excellence in the services they offer. No matter the client’s size, they provide individual and personal service and answer all of their clients’ important tax and financial needs.

As a Strategic Alliance of HR Strategies:


HR Strategies is proud to use Brooks, Cook & Associates, LLC as our CPA firm.  Brooks, Cook & Associates, LLC conduct full company audits of our fiduciary responsibilities quarterly. These audits give our client base reason to rest assured that we are taking our fiduciary responsibilities seriously.